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At JTXM17 Coaching & Consulting, we unlock potential and drive remarkable success through personalized solutions for individuals and organizations. Our expert team fosters lasting positive change, guiding you on the path to excellence in personal growth, team dynamics, and strategic consulting.

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Coaching & Consulting

At JTXM17 Coaching & Consulting, we are dedicated to helping individuals and organizations unlock their full potential. With a focus on personal growth, team dynamics, and strategic consulting, we provide tailored solutions to drive remarkable success. Our team of experts is committed to delivering transformative results and fostering lasting positive change. Whether you are an individual seeking personal development or an organization striving for enhanced performance, we are here to guide you on your journey to excellence.


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We offer a range of services designed to empower individuals and organizations to reach new heights. From personal coaching that unlocks your true potential to team building and leadership workshops that foster collaboration and productivity, our services are tailored to address your specific needs.


Personal Coaching


Strategic Consulting


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Empowering Growth and Success Through Transformation


our mission is to empower individuals and organizations to reach their full potential and achieve remarkable success through personalized coaching, dynamic workshops, and strategic consulting. We are dedicated to fostering growth, driving positive change, and being the catalyst for transformative journeys.


01. Discover

We begin by understanding your unique needs, goals, and challenges. Through open discussions and assessments, we gain valuable insights to create a tailored plan for your growth and success.


02. Transform

With a customized strategy in place, we guide you through the implementation stage. Our experienced team provides support, practical tools, and personalized coaching to help you overcome obstacles, develop new skills, and achieve your desired outcomes.


03. Thrive

We believe in long-term success. Through continuous support, monitoring, and evaluation, we help you sustain the positive changes and empower you to thrive personally and professionally. Our goal is to unlock your potential, drive lasting positive change, and foster remarkable success.

"I can't thank JTXM17 Coaching & Consulting enough for their transformative personal coaching. Their expertise and guidance have helped me overcome obstacles and achieve remarkable growth both personally and professionally. Highly recommended!"
Jacinthe Barbe
"The team building workshop conducted by JTXM17 Coaching & Consulting was a game-changer for our organization. The engaging activities and insightful discussions fostered stronger teamwork, improved communication, and unleashed our true potential. We are now more aligned and achieving greater results."
Christian Gaubert
"Working with JTXM17 Coaching & Consulting for strategic consulting was a game-changer for our business. Their expert insights and tailored strategies helped us identify untapped opportunities and drive growth. Their commitment to our success is unparalleled."
Lisha Ocean
I am truly grateful for the personal coaching I received from JTXM17 Coaching & Consulting. They helped me gain clarity, set achievable goals, and provided invaluable support throughout my journey. Their dedication and expertise are exceptional!"
Elle Sorrel
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